From the beginning of the existence of homo sapiens, people were interested in their own image.

Do I look like others from my pack and I will not be driven out of it? Am I as attractive as my wife tells me every day?

Is this spot above the right eyebrow arch the beginning of cancer? Questioning the quality of our own bodily coating in the era of ubiquitous digitalization seems to grow at a pace that is absolutely stunning! Currently, we have the opportunity not only to comment on being passive observers. Oh no! We can enlarge the lips, reduce the noses, enlarge the breasts, cut out the ribs on request, transplant the skin, and for those who are poorer, it is always possible to modify your image at the level of photo editing software. Do not we like each other? Perhaps it is a bit like we are dissatisfied with what is under our skin suit. We want to be someone else? By dispelling these pointless deliberations, I am convinced that in one way or another we will become more beautiful than the Greek Gods!